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Ghost dog?

16 years ago

1.) After my dog died, I was sitting in the living room making a memory book for him with the radio on in the other room. All of a sudden i heard a noise in the hallway as if my dog were sleeping and he decided to roll over. After that, the song "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton came on and i felt as if he was trying to assure me that everything would be ok.

2.) Our neighbor's dog likes to wander into our yard a lot, and before my dog Charlie died, she would just sniff around the yard and walk around. A few days after Charlie died, she came into our yard and stood absolutely still and started barking and she wouldn't stop. After about five minutes in that spot, she moved about four yards to the right and did the same thing. I opened the door and told her it was ok and that she could go home. She wouldn't listen. She just kept on barking as if nothing had happened. Then she ran off at lightning speed as if something had struck her.

I don't know if these scenarios have anything to do with Charlie or if they are just coincidences, please tell me what you think.

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