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Dogs with Cushing's - Any of you experience this?

14 years ago

Our 16 year old Bichon was diagnosed last summer with Cushing's. We've been treating it with Trilostane and have seen a noticeable improvement. We test his cortisone levels every three months. But I have a question about something a little odd that I think might be related to the Cushings.

We've noticed that the leftover water in his bowl after he's drunk is cloudy, almost milky. Never noticed it before, but then a while back we switched from a porcelain bowl with a design in the glazing to a stainless one and now we see it. Another thing I've noticed are the water spots on the laminate floors where he dribbles. If I don't catch them when wet and the spots have a chance to dry, I can't simply take a damp cloth and wipe them off. I have to use A LOT of pressure and rub back and forth over each driblet to get the "ring" to disappear. They do not come out with a mop -- gotta get on my hands and knees. I use microfiber cloths with a mix of vinegar/water. And I'm here to tell ya that there can be a kazillion dried water spots on my floors! That's waaaay more "industrious" cleaning than I've ever done before.

At first I wondered if it was the floors themselves. We have new laminate floors in a rich and textured cherry, installed last year when we remodeled the first floor. But there was laminate down prior to that, different brand, different color, and we never noticed the spotting. Then again, it was all around the time of his diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Perhaps it's the Trilostane that's affecting his saliva? Or the Cushing's itself?

Have any of you experienced this with your pet's saliva?

Another question related to Cushing's: We've had the BEST results with Trilostane and don't want to switch to another drug, but the cost is getting prohibitive. His dosage was just increased, thereby upping the cost of the meds. A thirty day supply costs $90 plus shipping from the compound pharmacy out of state (AZ). Are your costs that high? Where are you getting your Trilostane?

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