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If You Have a Black Vanity -- How Did You Decorate Your Bathroom?

16 years ago

Hi, gang! I finally got up the nerve and painted the boring woodtone vanity in my small bathroom a rich black (ebony). I absolutely love it and it was a vast improvement for this little room. Just wondering how you have decorated your bath, if you have a black vanity, or if you have painted your vanity black. My fixtures are cream (off-white) and my walls and floors are neutral too. I've received so many suggestions about how to decorate this room. Some tell me to use a white shower curtain banded in black, thus, making the room have an elegant look. Others have suggested that black and white toile would be just the thing. I was also told that a tropical look would be especially nice with the black vanity. So, could you please tell me how you've decorated your bath, if you have a black vanity. Some inspiration or suggestions would be nice at this time, since I'm a little undecided about what to do next.

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