lemon meringue pie didn't set!

13 years ago

I always have problems with pies not setting. I don't know what the problem is. My lemon meringue pie didn't set yesterday. I think it is because I didn't boil the filling long enough before adding it to the shell. The recipe said to do it for one or two minutes. I did it for one minute. I should have done it for two. I tried to compensate for baking it longer, but I eneded up burning the meringue. AND, the pie still didn't set. I had to freeze it just to get slices instead of globs. I think this is karma because when I was 19, I said a pie looked like slop because it didn't set... the manager who made it was in the room and I didn't know at the time. I posted a while back about a chocolate silk pie not setting and Lindac told me to bake it longer. Can't do that with lemon meringue. What if I boiled the filling for 5 minutes just to be sure it was cooked... is there a temperature it should be before I add it to the shell? I'm going to try again tomorrow. The filling was made from water, sugar, and cornstarch... that was the part that had to boil. Then I had to add the yolks, lemon juice, and rind. At least I didn't cook the eggs this time! Any tips on helping it set would be appreciated.

Also, my box grater did fine for the zest. Is there a reason I need a microplane?

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