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puff pastry and apples

13 years ago

While out of town at a meeting last week, I was served a pastry during a coffee break. It appeared to be a rectangle of puff pastry topped with apples. It seemed to be very similar to the one below posted by the Pioneer Woman, except the apples were diced and there was a light struesel sprinkled over the top instead of confectioner's sugar.

I have found jillions of recipes that are apples tossed with sweetener (honey, brown sugar, white sugar, etc) and then placed atop the puff pastry. However, the one I was served seemed to have some sort of thin layer of something between the pastry and the apples. Sweetened cream cheese? Hard sauce? Custard?

In all of the recipes I've found, not one mentions anything being spread on the pastry before the apples are added.

Do any of you have a recipe that includes something between the apples and the puff pastry?

Here is a link that might be useful: Pioneer Woman apple tart

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