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Have you seen this rug anywhere? Or one like it?

9 years ago

My master bedroom is a sea of gray. I actually like it, not complaining. In the bed area, I have a large solid charcoal gray rug under the bed. In the nearby sitting area, there is no rug under the (solid lighter gray) love seat. I'm looking for a rug for that area. It's a small space so a 5x8 rug is actually a bit too big, so I'm looking for 4x6 (and I think 3x5 is too small). In the winter, I have pale pink sheets with my gray/white comforter. In summer, I have a quilt that's gray, yellow, green and ivory. I thought it would be great if I could find a rug that happens to have the charcoal gray from the "main" rug plus some pink AND some yellow. A tall order, I know. Until I stumbled on this one (linked below)...but it's only listed in a small size. Gah. And no manufacturer name is given so I can't go searching elsewhere. So I figured I'd check with the decor sleuths here -- have you seen this rug anywhere?? Or...can you think of others that fit my gray/pink/yellow scheme? I know, it's not the most common color scheme...

Here is a link that might be useful: Fun rug

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