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baking cookies on convection how many racks?

13 years ago

This is the first batch of cookies I've made in the new ovens. They are Monogram ZET2... Use instructions show using only two racks at a time on convection. Each oven came with three racks-why if only two can be used? I tried using three racks. The cookies on the top baked fastest, lower rack next, and the middle rack the slowest. I had to bake the middle rack longer, and even then they did not rise as well as the other two racks. I've seen pics of loves2cook4six's (I think that is who it was) with the Miele ovens loaded with cookies that all baked exactly the same. Am I doing something wrong? Can these ovens not handle more than two racks? Grrrr, the good price may be the trade-off!


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