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Old dog poops when new dog came home

16 years ago

I have a 2 year old rottie that my wife, kids and I love to death. She for the most part is a great dog. She loves everything and everyone. Sometimes I think she forgets she's a rottie. Anyways my wife has always wanted another dog but she wanted a lap dog. So like any good husband would do I went on a search for her perfect lap dog. After a month of asking questions I have finaly found her a lap dog she would love. I found her a MINI PUG. Now I know alot of people say that's not a breed but I don't care, that isn't why I put this message up. My question is this. Around a week or so after I brought home our addition my ROTTIE started to poop and pee in the house. Now both dogs are fixed. Both are trained to go outside. Here is more to the story. I wake up at 5am and take both out. The pug goes pee and poop and my rottie goes pee most of the time. I also notice that after I bring her back in the house it's only a few minutes later that she does the evil thing. Put I also stay outside with them for 5 -10 min at a time. Any thing I can do or anything I'm doing wrong? Please hel pme out because it's coming to the point that I might have to give my Rottie up and I don't want that.

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