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Quartz vs Granite Large Slab

10 years ago

I have a large kitchen island that I would like to get a quartz countertop for, but it requires a jumbo slab, which only a few companies make. Because of this, I've been told by some fabricators/installers that there will be a seam, but they laser cut it to where it's hardly visible. What's the straight scoop on seams in quartz countertops?

One countertop salesperson told me to consider granite because the price has come down a lot over the years and that some is already pre-sealed and if not, then just use a very high quality sealer to seal it and it's just as good as quartz. I've also been to granite remnant yards where they sell remnant slabs for $10/ft, but you are on your own for fabrication, transportation and installation. By the time you add up those costs, is it still a deal?

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