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My no-backsplash backsplash

11 years ago

Our kitchen was "done" about 10 months ago. Among the nuisances/unfinished items in my kitchen is my backsplash.

I purposely chose to have no backsplash at all (except the back of a stone flp for my range). A few reasons. One, i wanted a vintage kitchen and I feel b/s are a little modern. Two, there is almost no place to put b/s. All my uppers go to the counter. All my other counter space is underneath window expanses, with maybe an inch between the counter and sill, and not much space left to right either.

However .... i have come to realize that you probably need something. Right now, behind my sink, is a wood counter meeting a painted sheetrock wall. This has become a maintenance issue.

Our crack GC says "we can try bondo". Don't you love that? Gazillions of dollars to these guys and they will "try" Bondo.

So, forget those phony loser "experts" I've hired. What do you guys, the real experts say? Can I have plain sheetrock behind my faucets? If not, what can I do that is as close to invisible as possible?

Thanks in advance.

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