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Using wine in cooking...101

15 years ago


This may be a really dumb question for a lot of cooks, but this is something I have been trying to understand for some time.....

What exact purpose does wine serve in sauces? Does it add a tangy flavor or what? I do see a lot of recipes that call for adding wine.

Or, specifically when you are trying out a recipe exactly why do you add wine to it? What is the goal? Also, is there a difference in end result due to red wine or white wine, and individual varieties?

Also, while cooking in wine, do you "saute" things in wine or do you saute in olive oil and add wine to it and reduce?

Conversely, are there any ingredients to avoid that simply do not work with wine?

Once again, sorry for my ignorance! It would be helpful if someone explained to me the role of wine in a recipe!!

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