Kitchen Sinks and Sinks and Sinks ...

7 years ago


I'm new to the site and to remodeling, but everytime I googled a question, I ended up reading the forums on this website and so I joined.

First, I need some advice on a kitchen sink; I would like one that comes with grids and strainer baskets:

I fell in love with Vigo, but they seem pricey.

I've found a sink I like on MrDirect, but I'm dubious of the quality because of the prices. I'm also dubious because I'm not convinced that the good reviews I've read at various locations online--Amazon,, and this site--are not a product of MrDirect itself.

Finally, I've got my eye on a Ruvati, but the sink seems excessively heavy, even for a 16g SS sink.

Thoughts would be lovely!


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