Dee Greunig on Carol Duvall show........


Have any of you ever watched her on CD? She is so full of energy, and ideas, seems like never ending. I looked on her site a bit and although I am not a rubber stamper, I am impressed with her stuff.

I think it was her last year who made the pocket cards, and I thought they were awesome. I have been playing around with my neighbors rubber stmaps quite a bit lately and it seems like I just might have to get into it sometime. sorta expensive craft to get into really! I have to get rid of stuff first!

Just wondering if anyone saw her on the show and if anyone has made stuff from her website?

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Dee has been a very visible proponent of Rubber Stamping for quite a while now. Her enthusiasm is matched by her output of innovative stamping projects. She is one of my favorites.
Rubber stamping can be quite expensive but if you follow the posts on these boards you will see that armed with a good stamp pad one or two multifunctional stamps and some coloring items - pen, pencils, crayons, you can do a lot of things very inexpensively.
Give it try.

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Thanks Minnie,
I only have a few more days of posting yet this year, but you can bet that......I WILL BE LURKING!!! Ha!

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I went to her site recently for the first time. I was surprised at the abundance of great ideas. I know they're meant to work with Posh Impressions stamps and tools, but I could adapt some. (I do have one of Dee's stamps, though) :-D

Rubber stamping IS addictive; there's something about making a print... I think you've been bitten by the bug, Deb!

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Dee made the COOLEST invite for her mother's surprise b'day party. It started w/ an envelopment...a card that was in the shape of an envelope. You use a sticker to keep it closed.

when you take off the sticker, the sides, top & bottom open,to reveal the message inside. On the left & right flaps she had the party invitation information. now, I can't remember which order the pics went in, but she had 3 pictures -- laminated & adhesed w/ her xyron, of course!

One pic was her mom when she was a baby. One pic was her mom, like at her wedding or graduation (a big 20-30yo thing), and then a recent photo.

See if I can explain this. the baby one? was adhered to the card itself, with a pretty, long ribbon coming out from under it. Then, on the ribbon, was the pic of the "middle" age picture, and finally last on the ribbon was the pic of the "late" age.

So when you open the invite, you get these wonderful pictures dangling down. It was so fabulous.

Of course, I dind't pay any attention to the stamping b/c I'm not a stamper...I got all the stuff ready to do an invite to my DD's 2 yo party (birth, 1st bday, right around age 2)...and never made them! LOL!)

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