candy wrapper birth announcement


does anyone have the directions for this or know where i can download them? my daughter is having her first baby in march and wants to give out chocolate bar (hershey type) birth announcements. they are way expensive to buy, and i would like to be able to do them myself. thanks for your help.


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What size are you looking for? I have some templates for mini and reg size Hershey bars. If you like I can e-mail them to you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Candy wrapper central

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Anette - They are very easy to make! You will have so much fun.

First, decide which candy bar you are going to use so you will know what size the wrapper will be. Carefully take the wrapper off one bar and make measurements... the whole size of the paper, the front area where you will be printing most of your graphics and words, the back (usually in two parts where the wrapper is glued together) and more graphics/phrases can be printed, etc.

Then look at some of the sites that sell baby announcement wrappers if you need some ideas. There are oodles of them... just do a google search. (Or post back here if you can't find any and we'll point you to some!)

Once you've decided what you want on YOUR wrappers, gather your photos (in digital form, or scan them so you have them in your computer), any clipart you want to use, etc.

Then either use one of the software products made specifically for wrappers, or any other desktop publishing software or card crafting software, or even Word.

Layout the rectangles (front, backs, etc.) and put your 'stuff' into them. Print a sample or two and try them on the candy bar to be sure they look just as you want before you print off a hundred of them!

To get the glossy finish typical of candybars, you will probably want to use a paper other than the standard printer paper. Look at the paper selection at your office supply store, or ask here again. Some folks use photo paper, but other people think that, although glossy enough, it is too stiff and doesn't bend around the candy bars.

When you get to the assembly point, be sure to leave the original paper wrappers on the candy bars so your recipients will know what they are eating (in case of allergies, etc.).

Here is a link to a great site that will get you started...

Here is a link that might be useful: Desktop Publishing: Candy Wrappers

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