Stamping tip...


This message was sent to me by Barbie:

Stamps that do not stamp clearly by barbieboop


Could be for a few reasons..

Try pressing harder

Large stamps work best if you stand up and press them

Stamp large images over a mouse pad or fun foam sheet

Stamp lg stamps image side up and use a brayer to press the image onto the card.

Some stamps get warped. The foam between the wood and the image gets smooshed. So, you can use a mouse pad to stamp on or remount them. Change the foam.

New stamps and bold images sometimes need to be stamped a few times to get a good image. Allowing the ink to stain the rubber.

Some images need to be lightly roughed up with fine sand paper.

Some images have Âedges that stamp along with the image. Trim this portion off with an exacto knife or with sharp scissors.. If you can. Or.

You may have to pull some images off the wood and trim the Âedges off then remount that image.

Hand carved images stamp best the more times they are used. Or heavily inked.

hugs, barbie

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