PP (powdered pearls), PE (pearl ex) or Powdered Mica Tips


This list was compiled from Barbie Boop:

PP (powdered pearls), PE (pearl ex) or Powdered Mica Tips:

Mix PP (powdered pearls), PE (pearl ex) or Powdered Mica with them

Brayer it onto paper for great background paper

Use a paintbrush and paint images in.

Water down and PAINT OVER colored images.

Water color (pencils or crayons) stamped images in. then paint the RP

over top. Try to find a close match.

Clear emboss over the RP images to seal the color and make them look

real shiney and pretty

Stamp an image on black (or dark) cs then color in with RP s.

Emboss then Bleach out an image on dark cs then color in with RP s.

Use your stipple brushes to stipple some backgrounds!

Sponge boarder around your cards

Sponge paint your images in.

Emboss a dark image onto white CS then rub/brush 2-3 RP colors over top

for a neat effect!

Browns, yellows,gold, rose, purples and greens are great for leaves

Remember when mixing your Rp s to write them down so you remember next


Sponge brush your RP s onto rubber (bold images) and stamp with

them-clear emboss over top. (words look great! Flowers are real pretty!)

I have a big background stamp of feathers-I like to stamp and emboss it

in black. Paint the feathers in with the RP s one color at a time and

then clear emboss over them. Go onto the next color and do the same. When

all the images are painted in then using 2/3 colors . Stipple in a

curcular motion to make swirls of color all over the whole image clear

emboss again. Leave it like this or.. brayer clear emboss over the whole


You can blend/ shade images in by grabbing 2 colors onto your brush and

painting the images in. while painting slowly turn your brush so that

both colors end up coming off the brush looks really neat!

Sponge in a "pulling" motion to make your grass

Sponge/dab colors in to make a sky blue, pink, purple, orange, yellow,

red, rose (finally I understand sky colors! Be daring! )

can you add to this list of ideas?

how have you used yours?

Barbie Boop

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"Heaven, I'm in Heaven" tap, tap, tap. . .(a little Fred and Ginger routine)

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Minnie, I didn't know you had such talent!

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