Wax paper ideas


Ideas to use wax paper

1-Crumple wax paper- open and lay on gloss CS

lay scrap paper over it.- Iron it

then water color over the cs for a neat resist!

2- lay wax paper onto gloss

using your stylus or bone folder write a message onto the wax paper

send it to someone as a secret message card!

they can do a wc wash and see what the message says!

( i think this would be really cool for a kids bday card! and have a

hidden secret message inside the card!)

3- lay wax paper onto gloss

lay a cookie cutter or template on top and trace around the image wtih a

stylus or bone folder.

wc wash over it....

do you know of any other ways to use wax paper and cards? lets share!

Compiled by Barbie Boop

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When I ws a kid we made our own cards by ironing pressed flowers between 2 sheets of waxed paper. We used these sheets as tranparent sheets over paper we had watercolored. The way we use vellum as an overlay sheet. Our yard had lots of clover and I spent hours looking for the four leaf ones....found plenty too. I used those and violets but now I would also use confetti, leaves or punched shapes.

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Oh, Meggiecat...I had heard of flowers pressed between the sheets of waxed paper...but had never thought of adding confetti and/or punch shapes! Wonderful idea!!
I have a book that shows using the waxed paper (with flowers pressed between them) then using some of the box/bag templates to create boxes/bags of the flower paper!

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