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Ques about making Chicken Parmesan ahead of time...& some pix!

15 years ago

You may recall that--awhile ago--I posted that I must have cooked really well at my DH's retirement party, because that led to a little job for a friend's daughter's Renewal of Vows ceremony this past August. I was also asked to "officiate" at that re-commitment ceremony. I met with the couple, wrote up a program, and worked with them about whatever scripture or poems or special words they wanted in the ceremony etc. It was sooooo cool to do this!!! (see photos below)

Since then, and based on word of mouth, I've been asked to "do" a Renewal of Vows ceremony for a couple who will celebrate their 25th Anniversary in December, AND to cook for 16 guests, too. I love it!

The anniversary couple selected Chicken Parmesan as the entree. I've got a good handle on everything else, but I have a question about the Chicken Parmesan. Normally, I'd make this fresh right there --pound the breasts flat, then dip in egg, dredge in seasoned bread crumbs mixed with Parm, pan fry a bit, pan it up and add sauce and cheese and put it in the oven-- but because I'll be officiating, as soon as the Renewal of Vows ceremony is over, I'll need to get the food out quickly.

The Ceremony should run about 25 minutes, so I can assemble the entree and put the chicken in the oven just before the Ceremony begins. Everything else will be prepped and ready to go.

Here are my questions:

I don't really want to put the Chicken Parmesan & sauce together the day before and haul it to it's destination, but maybe I should?

If I bread and pan-fry the chicken breasts a day ahead of time so they are partially cooked, will the breading fall off if I keep the partially-cooked chicken in a plastic ziploc bag in the fridge?

Then, I can transport the chicken in the ziploc inside my igloo along with the homemade sauce and the other food items. I just don't want to take out the chicken breasts and have all the breading fall off when I'm at my destination (about 30 minutes away)!

Thanks for any input you can give!



Here is a sample of plated food at the first food event I did--Pasta Primavera Salad, Hearts of Palm salad, fresh fruit, assorted cheeses and assorted crackers:

Here is the fresh fruit plate--

...and the cheese plate

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