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Look What You've Started:)!...Heads Up/LC Sale

13 years ago

On the Pie Plate/Bread Pan post so many of you praised the Emile Henry ceramic pie plates that I thought I'd call the nearby Le Creuset Outlet (in Kittery, ME) because I thought I'd seen some there and this time of yr. they usually have some good deals.

Well...beginning tomorrow they kick off a special promotion (Breast Cancer related..)where for a $1.00 donation you get 25% off any one item. That includes the LC ceramic pie plates that sell there for $26.00.

Then...the lovely salesperson had to tell me that they had some beautiful overstock cast iron pieces in kiwi & indigo (she said they were Williams Sonoma colors) and that those were being sold at 35% off the outlet price. (I asked and you cannot do the 25% savings on top of the already discounted 35% on those.)

It comes down to only $149 for a 7.5 qt. cast iron LC oval Dutch oven. That is a very good deal for anyone in the market for one. I'm thinking Christmas present for DD...

Anyway, a heads up for anyone in the Kittery, ME area. Don't know if same sales apply at other LC outlets, but you can call to check.

And I was just looking for a pie plate, lol.

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