your linen closet ideas for better function? - pics posted

11 years ago

I'm not having much luck in trying to figure out a better layout for shelving in the small hallway linen closet in this old 1960's home we recently purchased and was hoping someone could give me some ideas and tips on how to make it work better for us.

The linen closet is not big at all, but it's deep.

The measurements are:

35" deep to the inside of the door frame

29 1'2" wide

8 foot ceilings inside

29" deep shelving

24" wide doorframe

I find the shelves to be way too deep, I can't reach back there and anything that gets pushed back there will be out of sight, out of mind. True I could use it for storage, but again, I'll forget what's there after time.

Would like to find a better way to utilize the space in this small closet. Besides linens and towels, I'd probably use it to store toilet paper and probably some bathroom cleaning supplies.

Does anyone have any before/after pictures of a small linen closet such as this that you've revamped, or even a picture of one similar that's so organized, you'd be proud to show it off?

Here's what I'm working with:

Thanks in advance for any ideas!!!

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