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How many people have added porches/sunrooms to older home?

11 years ago

I like the size of our farmhouse, but when we remodel, I'd like to add an enclosed sunroom/porch. One that has windows on two sides, that open with screens, so that breezes go through and we can enjoy the outdoors. While a deck is nice, living on a farm, you get a lot of unwanted and unexpected visitors...especially at night!

We'd also like to include a wood stove in this space, so that we can enjoy it during the winter, too. It would be about 23' x 15' and the corner would face shorter side faces southwest and longer side faces northwest. It's not ideal, but it's the best view and conveniently located near the kitchen.

Does anyone have anything similar? Do you have any pictures or suggestions? The roof will be a gable, no skylights (we think it would be too hot) but we do plan to have a separate greenhouse, for starting plants for the garden. Thanks in advance :)

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