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Neophyte needs ideas for non-skid stair tread covering

14 years ago

Greetings old-house people...I am remodeling a 1925 cottage/cape house. The decor is medium hue painted walls with generous white base molding, and cherry-stained oak floors. Yesterday I pulled up the carpet runner from the stairs leading to the 2nd floor because the dishwater color no longer matched. I also, perhaps foolishly, tore out the carpet tack strips without having a Plan. Now I have tricolor treads that need painting, then a non-skid covering, and I don't know what to use for that.

The previous runner was generic (cut pile I think) and provided adequate grip for anything. I've had berber and it seemed too slippery. I think sanded paint would tear up socks. Individual treads in a nice Persian pattern is my first aesthetic choice, but the nose of the treads would be exposed and slippery for when I fly down the stairs using the nose as a slide. Rubber treads wouldn't fit the style.

Is there material I've missed?



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