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Before and After Pics of My Decluttered Home Office :)

13 years ago

Due to a number of ridiculous circumstances that are no real excuse whatsoever, it had been three years since I had filed any papers in my home office, so crap just kept accumulating and the final straw was that we had our carpets cleaned (every other room in the house) just before Thanksgiving, so all random around the house paperwork was dumped into the office all at one time... :(

I started on Jan. 6 in the home office and it took me fifteen hours total over a little more than a week's time to beat it back into submission.

However, I have been victorious!!!

I've posted before and after pictures on my blog (link below). I'm really proud of the final results. It was a lot of hard focused work and it looks SO much better!

Here is a link that might be useful: Before and After Pics of My Decluttered Home Office

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