crock pot,is that what this is?

51 years ago

I pulled it out, got it as a wedding gift, used it once to fry chicken. It has one of those deep dishes that comes out for frying directly in the bottom part. I want to know if it's a crock pot or a slow cooker? I heard that crock pots are good for summer use and use less electricity than reg. stove tops. Is this true? Since it takes so much longer ,does it still use less electricity? Mine has a temperature guage that reads 200 degrees,then 250 degrees, then 300 degrees,then deep fry. And, what do you put under the pot while it's on, it seems to get too hot for the countertop, and can I leave it on at night on low, I thought it sounded dangerous, but someone said they do it. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  • ruthieg_tx
    51 years ago

    I have never seen a crockpot that was a fryer. I think you have another appliance.....probably a deep fryer....

  • kellymy_rochester_rr_com
    51 years ago

    I think it sounds like an electric skillet. Does it have 4-5" inch deep sides? A deep fryer would be significantly deeper, and almost always comes with a metal utensil for getting food out of hot oil.

    Crock pots (in my experience) are thin metal shells that heat up, and a pottery insert that sets inside. They've usually only got low, high settings.

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  • kaykay3kids4me_hotmail_com
    51 years ago

    Thanks for replying, but, I know it's not only a deep fryer because it has the porcelean dish that is removable. The temperature settings are not just low and high. I think it may be called a chefs pot/electric deep fryer. Does anyone know if this is as energy efficient as a crock pot? I am afraid to leave this one on while I'm not right there, since the temp setting are different. Its goes from 200/250/300 then auto fry. I used it and it cooked beans in about 8 hrs on 300. Any ideas?

  • windwood_mb_sympatico_ca
    51 years ago

    Sounds to me like you have a dual purpose appliance. Many years ago I had an electric skillet that had a glazed crockery liner. With the liner it could be used like a slow cooker/crockpot, without the liner it was an ordinary electric frying pan. The liner by itself could be used like a large open casserole dish in the oven. I suspect your pot is similar, use the liner for long, slow cooking of stews and other crockpot recipes, remove it to use the appliance for deep frying, searing meat, etc. Mine came with a booklet of instructions and recipes. Corrie

  • kaykay3kids4me_hotmail_com
    51 years ago

    thanks again for the replies, I guess I will write to the Dazey corporation for a booklet. I am wondering if this one is energy efficient as the regular crock pots. I'm thinking it's not because the other crock pots say they use around 150-250 watts and the plug cord on mine says 1400 watts. I don't know if that's for frying or not.

  • nospam_nowhere_com
    51 years ago

    What did it say on the box you pulled it out of? The instruction booklet?

  • greenlady_zensearch_com
    51 years ago

    "Crock Pot" is a trademarked name for the Rival thing. "Slow Cooker" is the generic name.

    All Crock Pots are Slow Cookers, but not all Slow Cookers are Crock Pots. :-)

    My Rival Crock Pot is over 25 years old, and as good as when it was new. They invented the Crock Pot, so I figure they do it best.

  • Michelle_MO
    51 years ago

    I don't know about the energy effeciency, but I do know that most "crock pot" recipes you'll find can NOT be done in the kind of cooker you're describing. One of the crockery cookbooks I borrowed from the library once showed pictures and described both kinds of slow cookers - the ones that have variable temps (not just high and low) have the heating element in a coil on the bottom only, where the other kind heats all over. Something about that coil means you have to stir or else things burn I think.

  • lolart_ivillage_com
    51 years ago

    I had one it was a Sunbeam - fryer
    It had a crockey pot in it too.
    I have the book still.
    On the Dial it says
    Crockery/Cook/Deep Fry
    If this is similar to your I will try to help with some instructions.

  • polkadot95_hotmail_com
    51 years ago

    It sounds to me like a Kitchen Kettle (Presto, I think). The K.K. does all those things, but some models had a slow cooker insert.

  • sue237
    13 years ago

    I've a Sunbeam crock pot that's inner lifts out with a plug in dial but no instructions. I was hoping to slow cook/roast a piece of beef could anyone please send me info on how I can do this asap. Many thanks

  • donnar57
    13 years ago

    Sue, you might find a model number on the bottom of the appliance. Go to the Sunbeam website (Google it) and see if they have an instruction booklet online. If they don't, find a "Contact us" email address, phone number, or form on the website and request one.

    I've done this for lost appliance booklets for different manufacturers, and I have NEVER been disappointed. They have emailed one to me every time!!! It's worked on appliances over 10 years old, though I've never tried to get one older than 20 years old.


  • piper101
    13 years ago

    KayKay - I think I have what you have. At least mine is by DAZEY (they are out of business by the way). Mine is what I'd call a multi-cooker. You can deep fry in it if you take the removable crock out,,it can be used as an electric fry pan I guess since my interior is non stick and it has a removable crock pot for slow cooking. My dial goes from 150 or 200 I think on up to deep fry or 500. I have deep fried in it with this basket it has but I mostly use the crock pot portion of it. It's 6 quart. I have a glass lid. I've had mine for 15 years but also had one from them on marriage #1 but couldn't take it with me. The reason I know Dazey is out of business is that the crock has craze marks (works fine) but thought I'd just get a new crock then found out via the internet that DAZEY corp. is no more. If yours has a crock that is removable, it's a great thing considering the multi temps you can choose and from what I've read about the new crockpots/slow cookers,,it's best to keep the older ones since newer ones over cook things and run way to not. Hold onto this thing if it has a crockery liner that is removable. I was considering getting a new crockpot but from the research and other posters here, I will definately keep mine!!!

  • slowoman
    12 years ago

    Piper... or anyone else with this you have the instructions for crockpot cooking in this? I don't know what setting to start at, then I guess it goes to simmer?
    I, too have searched the web for Dazey and/or the manual.

  • rosalie_2008
    12 years ago

    I have the Dazey Corp Chef's Pot along with the instructions and recipe booklet. (I love it and have hunted down another one on the Internet, which I am purchasing today off of Craigslist.)
    I can scan the info/instuctions and send to whoever is interested. Here is the description:

    Dazey Chef's Pot
    Cooker, Fryer, Steamer, Slow Cooker
    Electric Multi-Cooker

    This is a new in the box 6-quart Chef's Pot from Dazey Corporation. It can be used as a Fryer, Cooker, Steamer or Slow Cooker. The non-stick pot is fully immersible and dishwasher safe. The thermostat ranges from simmer to 400°F. The exterior is made of heavy cast aluminum. The interior basket is aluminum with a steel handle that has a bracket for resting on the side to allow grease or water to drain off. It is coated inside and out with Dazite non-stick coating. It has a see-through glass lid and removable probe with full range temperature control. Included is the instruction booklet with lots of recipes.

    The ChefÂs Pot is more than a cooker/fryer:
    Â COOKS perfect noodles, lasagna, spaghetti, even kreplach, every time
    Â SIMMERS full-bodied stews, sauces, graviesÂno scorching or burning
    Â POPS popcorn to the last kernel and caramel coats it, too
    Â BAKES fluffy cakes and tender seafood and poultry
    Â ROASTS chicken, beef, pork and lamb
    Â STEAMS and blanches fruits and vegetables
    Â DEEP FRIES chicken, fish, donuts, potatoes and onion rings.

  • vajra
    12 years ago

    Rosalie, thanks so much for the info! I have one of these Dazey Chef Pots. I have always called it a crock pot not realizing the difference. It belonged to my husband before we were married. He LOVES it, and I have learned to love it. (ahhh the wonders of marriage!)
    So, the question I have had for years is this: when a "crock pot" recipe instructs me to cook on "low", what temperature does that correspond to? I'm afraid to cook on too low of a temperature for fear my meat won't cook thoroughly. My husband lost the instruction manual before he found me. Thanks! ~ Vajra

  • cynic
    12 years ago

    Crockpots/slow cookers with only High/Low temperature settings vary dramatically in what the actual temperature is. Generally speaking, "low" will correspond with 180°-220°. High will usually correspond with about 240°-280°.

    I don't like cooking below 200°-225°. And you shouldn't put frozen meats in and cook slowly. 40°-140° is the danger range for bacteria so you want the food in that range as little as possible. When I slow-cook things in my Nesco I use 225°-275° often. For example, with ribs I usually zap them in the convection oven on high temp for about 15 min to lightly brown them, then into the Nesco (or oven if I make a lot) at 225° for 4-6 hours wrapped in foil with some moisture and seasoning.

  • claar2h
    12 years ago

    I have the Dazey slowcooker/deepfryer. Sorry to say I lost my booklet as well. However the Slowcooker recipe booklet I'm using has a little history in it and it says that slowcookers/crockpots cook at 200 degrees on LOW and 300 degrees on HIGH.
    I also use my Dazey to cook casseroles (without the crock) by following directions and reducing the temp a little - no sense heating up the whole oven.
    Good Luck! If you find an address for the booklet I would love to know!

  • nannrn_yahoo_com
    12 years ago

    I have the 6 qt Dazey Chef's Pot Plus and have LOVED the thing. Unfortunately, a little while back, the slow-cooker liner (crock) slipped out of my hands and crashed to the floor. I've been grieving ever since. I've checked ebay regularly and have yet to find someone offering the crock or the whole setup. I would love to find a replacement crock. Any suggestions out there?

  • cynic
    12 years ago

    I'll check the basement. I might still have the crock from mine if it's the same size. I think I may have seen it on a shelf down there.

  • farfarm
    12 years ago

    I am looking for the booklet for a Dazey cooker, I found at the Goodwill the other day....seems to work perfectly...when I plug it in, it heats up fine, I would very much like to get the booklet with some recipes if at possible....thanks in advance for your time....the model number on the bottom is has a plug in that fits into the side of the cooker, and the dial on the plug in starts at simmer, all the way up 400 degrees for Auto-Fry

  • tom_few_gmail_com
    12 years ago

    Hello everyone..
    I have this same pot i got at Value Village and have used it as a crockpot .. I am missing the instruction book also and would also be interested in finding one. The information here has been a big help.

  • bgaubeca_ix_netcom_com
    10 years ago

    Yes, it is both appliances. I only once used mine for deep frying and have now lost the basket, better for the aging heart anyway. That was 6 moves and almost 30 years ago I got that for my first apartment. It still works great and the closest thing to it is a Presto brand but it comes without a crock. I love that you can choose a particular heat, not low, medium, high (What temps are those anyway?). I tried to get a second one from an online auction, but it came smashed to bits. I cried for a little while over that one.

    Enjoy some luscious dishes. The pots are subumersible if you remove the electric plug/temperature guage.

  • mmcq
    10 years ago

    I have had my Dazey Crock pot for at least 15 years and have never used it more than once or twice , I looked at it recently and noticed cracking in the ceramic insert they are nothing you can feel with your finger nail but visibly they are all around the botton half .I have been looking at buying a new crock pot because I am afraid that the insert will break during cooking , can any one tell me if this cracking is normal ?

  • ladyannake_comcast_net
    10 years ago

    Well, well, well! All these postings sure surprised me. I, too, have the Dazey Multi-Cooker. It is a 6 or 8 qt crock but I'm not sure on that. To ease everyone's minds, the lines inside on the crock are normal from the heat fluctuations. I have been using mine for years and we love it. I even have the book that came with it. However, since I have never had to order a part I did not know that Dazey no longer existed. Does anyone know if Rival bought them out? Our control proble just quit working after all these years. We had placed a venison roast, yes a frozen one with Lipton French Onion Soup mix on it. I dilute it with 1 C hot water,(the soup mix) start it early in the day on 350 and let it go until I am ready for it at the end of the day. We have done it this way for the past 15-17 years we have used this cooker. I have also used it as a deep fryer. Well since I can't replace my probe I suppose I can auction off the book. LOL Let's see what the highest bidder will be for this lovely little paperback information book. It has directions for baking, frying, boiling, steaming, blanching, oh ya, even slow cooking. Or maybe someone has a DTC-1 probe they just want to get rid of. On the bottom of the fryer you will see letters and either the number 1 or 2 on it. Also on the temperature control itself on the bottom of it you will find the same letters and the number 1 or 2. I need a DTC-1. That is all I need. I love this little cooker and really do want to kleep it but need the proble. Someone with it just let me know if we are going to auction that off, too. :-)Thank You all

  • mmcq
    10 years ago

    well that does put my mind at ease knowing the marks are normal, I was going to replace it with a new one but the quality of the ones on the shelves these days is very poor.BUT if there is going to be a bidding war , I will sell mine (which is in new condition ,booklet and all) :) LOL

  • sherrardmaxine_yahoo_com
    10 years ago

    What an interesting bunch of "Crock Pot" owners. I did not know Dazey had gone out of business, I have three of them, can't remember how long, but trying to replace the crock insert I would buy another pot, to get the crock pot. I started using it when I went from wood stove oven to bake beans, years ago, I do pot roast and any combination meals, I want to start and forget it, I use to do deep frying but decided we don't need that anymore. My husband did one crock pot directly on burner , don't do that , what a mess to clean up, never used in oven but that would work. moving from Maine to Florida I had one for there and one for Florida. the one in Maine has a broken edge on the pot but it works while there. I have found no other crock pot cooks like the Dazey, with its multible heat dial. You can cook anything in it that you would cook in a casserale in the oven . I control temperature like you would in the oven, it does get hot on the counter, I use a cutting board under mine. Thanks people every one of you gave info I could use, I hope I helped someone.

  • PoppyHatch_BellSouth_net
    10 years ago

    Good Afternoon! I recently received a used Dazey Deep
    Fryer - 1400 Watts - That needs a temperature control
    model # DTC-1. My residence is in Shreveport, LA 71118
    and hoped that you could direct me to a local store where
    one could be obtained. Thanks!

  • Valzgalz
    9 years ago

    I also have the Dazey multi cooker with the original cookbook and the coupon book that came with it. It does deep fry with the basket that came with it.It has a temperature gauge that goes from warm, 200 to 425. Mine has been in storage for the past 3 years and I was going to buy another but decided I'd bite the bullet until I got this one back. I am roasting a whole chicken in it even as I post. I'm so excited. I've had mine for at least 22 years. Just goes to show you how well products used to be made.I hope you enjoy yours.

  • stonehard
    9 years ago

    it's definitely not solely a crock pot. it probably has multi-purposes.

  • vivorgirl
    8 years ago

    I, too, need the manual for the Dazey combo multi-cooker. My pot is also crazed at the bottom but I use it about once a month and it hasn't exploded. I just need the manual because I don't remember what temp to use for what cooking process. I've looked at newer crocks and am not impressed. Has someone posted the manual to a public file or Dropbox? Thanks.

  • cartsd
    7 years ago

    Here you go:

    Here is a link that might be useful: Dazey Chef's Pot Manual

  • sandyk22
    7 years ago

    I have a Dazey Chef pot that I don't want. Is anyone still looking for one, or parts? I'd be glad to send.

  • piper101
    7 years ago

    Hi Sandy, Yes I am interested in what parts you have of the Dazey Chef Pot. I've had mine for 20 + years and it's great. I only use it for crock pot cooker.
    My crock portion just cracked. I have a suspicion that a family member plunked something down hard on it the last time it was soaking in the sink. Funny, I've been researching getting a new one and for every slow cooker you find, somebody has a problem. I came here to get some advice and found one of my old posts right here!

    It would be great to be able to just replace what I need or the whole thing. I have it set that you should be able to contact me, I think through the member page or something.

    Let me know.

    Thanks, Nicole

  • sandyk22
    7 years ago

    Hi Nicole,
    I'm newly registered here, but when I click on your name and it takes me to your profile page, I do not see an email. Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong.

    My Dazey Chef Pot is Model DCP6 (this is written under where you plug in the probe). I've probably had it for nearly 20 years, but have only used it a handful of times and the crock liner looks brand new.

  • alleecmo
    7 years ago

    Those seeking a replacement probe/cord/thermostat thingy: I found a site with one for sale! And only $10. They even have a "new" complete Chef's Pot on offer ($125?! I'll be even more careful with mine!) There are other Dazey products there too.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Dazey Chef's Pot and parts

  • sandyk22
    7 years ago

    Well I just bought a new Crock Pot. So my Dazey Chef's Pot is going in the donation bin.
    Did anyone else ever have a problem with the outside liner of the Dazey CP getting extremely hot to the touch? Last time I went to use it, I had it sitting on the counter, and touched the outside and practically burned my fingers! Unplugged it immediately and decided to buy a Crock Pot.
    So I just don't understand how/why so many on this thread love it so much!

  • chrystie5
    6 years ago

    been married 42 years. have lots of sm appliances and covered casseroles. Have always been able to find replacement parts or lost cookbooks at Goodwill stores. May take a bit of time but it has always been worth the search to be able to keep using the item.

  • pretender20
    6 years ago

    If anyone is still interested in acquiring the manual, here's a link to a pdf file:

  • susanblatt
    4 years ago

    Looking for replacement power control cord for the Dazey 6 qt crock pot/ deep fryer.