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Maple cabinets, Baltic Brown granite, help with floor choice??

13 years ago

I am in London visiting friends.

They have recently redone their small kitchen with maple cabinets and Baltic brown granite countertops.

That was finished in October and they still have no floors and no tile. They both travel a lot and are having a tough time coming to a conclusion about what would look best.

Not being a big fan of matchy, matchy I suggested doing an oak with lighter tones running through it to tie in the cabs with the floor, but not maple which would be too much of the same.

There are limitations:

1: Any wood used has to be engineered

2: they can't do 'real' stone on the floors because the floor won't support it properly.

Does anyone have maple and Baltic brown and could show some photos they could look at? I don't have time to go tile and wood shopping with them but would love to help in any way I can - including asking you guys for advice! : )


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