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Wordle - this is fun!

13 years ago

Have any of you tried out Wordle? It is really fun to play with.

You can type in your own text, or paste text from a speech, etc.

The more the word is used, the bigger it is (it is only put in the Wordle one time.)

In this one, I typed Winter 3x and Snow 2x, the rest of the words were just used once. If you want two words to stay together use a ~ between them, but no space.

You can play with the layout, color, and font - and keep rearranging until you have it how you like.

You can't copy the image directly - but you can do a screen capture and crop it out using your photo editing software or paint.

You can also print a full sized sheet from the website.

This is my Winter one:

Here is a link that might be useful: Wordle

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