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More pictures of the Michigan Meeting

13 years ago

I just returned home after meeting with everyone on Monday and then visiting my DM. It was great seeing everyone.

I just looked at the pictures that have already been posted and have a few more to add.

Here is Ann's Lake Perch

Tamara's Chicken Salad with Dried Cherries

Cathy had the Fish and Chips

Here's a group picture with (seated from left to right) Sherry (Sheshebop), Tamara (from GW) and Annie (Annie1992)

Then standing from left to right is Roger (Sherry's DH), Cathy (Mustangs), Raymond (Cathy's DH), Ann (Spacific) and me (wizardnm).

And one more shot....

The staff at Stillwater Grill was very accommodating and the food was very good. No one got lost trying to find the restaurant and the late lunch time was a good choice.

It was great to meet both Ann and Tamara, they both fit right in as if they had known us as long as Cathy, Annie, Sherry and I have know each other.


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