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Hot flashes stop after only 5 months

14 years ago

I started having very mild hot flashes in mid-February. Not too bad at first, just a comfortable warm sensation. Gradually they increased in heat and duration until late June when, suddenly, they just stopped. It's been three weeks since I had a hot flash. I've had a few very mildly warm sensations that lasted about 2-3 seconds and were so mild I barely noticed them... in fact if I'd never had a hot flash I would not have noticed them at all. Not only that, but I can actually sleep all night again with a light blanket over me.

I regularly exercise, eat a very healthy diet, very little sugar, no alcohol, and just 1 cup of regular coffee in the morning. I don't take HRT or any other medications.

Is it common for them to stop after only 5 months? Or do they briefly stop, and then start again? Our weather has been hot (upper 90s, almost 100), so weather has nothing to do with this.

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