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i need some advice, i made a mistake

15 years ago

ok, here is what happen in a short version.

my husband and i have been having alot of problems and struggling the last few years. he has made alot of comments about my weight (i was really thin when we got married 7 years ago) i am not chuby, just bigger than i was. he has made it so obvious that his kids and my kids have told him to stop it. over a month ago, he sat me down and said: you know, you need to get your weight under control." well, this really distroyed me...i work out as much as i can and i am trying, but i have felt unsexy and ugly for the last 2 years of our marriage. he also spends alot of time (weekends) going away with his friends.

so, i was signing a single friend up with a dating site on the internet and she made a comment.."why don't you send your picture out there and see what happens" well...i knew that was inappropriate, but i thought it harmless and it would be nice to see what strangers thought of my physical appearance...well, i got alot of "you are so sexy" , you are so beatuful" comments...then i started chating on line...just goofing around..using my friends email....i thought this alot safer than going out to a bar..i don't want to cheat, but i was so down on myself and disgusted because of what my husband had said to me. well, he was never a trusting soul..and put a babysitter type software on our server and saw everything i said and all the pics that were sent.

i told him the truth about everything...he new what bothered me, i have told him over and over, but now...he just wants to hold it over my head....

by the way, this was helping my ego and my husband and i were getting along much better because i felt better about myself...even though the means were inappropriate.

any advice would be nice

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