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I think I made a BIG mistake

11 years ago

Boy, I did it now.

I didn't clean this 32 yr old ceiling before I tried to paint it.

This house is about 32 yrs old, room is approx. 15'x30'.
The ceiling texture is ...Palm (?), so not smooth. The room has crown molding, and gets lots of natural light on one end. I am using a ladder because I didn't want to have to buy scaffolding for just the one room.

Yes, I know...I must be an idiot.

Then I saw how the paint wouldn't even stick on the edges, by the crown.

Now lots of flashing shows during the day, uneven spots, even where I touched up places shows terribly.

So I stopped what I was doing to totally regroup, get through the holidays, then get on here and get some advice.

So what should I do next? My plan was powderd Dirtex for all the trim and the walls, but if I need to do it on the ceiling too...HOW?

Thanks in advance for any help offered. And if you say I need to buy scaffolding, I'll buy it. I just didn't want to have to store it!

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