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Will I regret white grout on a backsplash? With Grout Maximizer?

10 years ago

Hi everyone.
Will I regret it if we use a bright white grout on our backsplash tile? Will it be impossible to keep clean, especially behind the sink? I really like Mapei's Keracolor sanded grout (their regular Portland cement based grout) in their "Avalanche" color--the nicest, truest white I could find that didn't look too bluish, pinkish, or greyish next to my light "almond" colored subway tiles. I thought about using an epoxy grout for stain resistance, but this will be a DIY project and I am afraid it might be too difficult to install and clean off (I have been reading horror stories about how quickly it dries and of the haze it can leave.) What about adding Mapei's Grout Maximizer which is supposed to help it resist staining? Anyone ever try that or something similar? Any feedback on the Mapei grout in general?

I was originally going to use a grout slightly darker than my tiles, but can't find one just the right shade- they all seem to blend in too much with the tile and look too plain. Plus, the white really will help tie it in with all the whitewood trim in the kitchen and the granite.

Anyone have any feedback about the white grout on a backsplash?

We are finally getting around to installing our backsplash tile (It has only been a year since we bought the tile, LOL!) You all originally helped me select my tile, after many posts going on wild goose chases trying to figure out what would look good with my unusual creamy colored granite. Here is a link to some old photoshops of my kitchen, fwiw:

By the way, I did decide to go with the plain subway tile backsplash after all your polling! By the way, I also went to Houzz and searched "subway tile backsplash" to look for ideas and noticed that of all those hundreds of beautiful, professionally designed backsplases only 2 or 3 had a border of some kind (other than above a range or sink)!! So I realized that you all were "dead on".

Thanks so much.

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