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air switch--how do I match faucet? help!

15 years ago

I plan on an air switch for my disposal in my main sink. My sink is under 4 windows and a switch nearby would be tough. So, an air switch on the counter makes sense--plus I know people here love them. Anyway, I will be doing a stainless Moen faucet. They have a new stainless called Classic that to me, is much nicer than their old stainless. I will have a hot water dispenser, soap dispenser and the airswitch. I want them all to match. Do you think I have to worry about the stainless colors matching? We also considered a white airswitch. My counters will be Costa Esmerelda, which has light spots (whitish), but the more I think about this, I think I am better to get a stainless airswitch and just not stress about the finishes matching perfectly. The other minor point is that the stainless airswitch will cost more.

Any thoughts? Do you think I should consider a regular switch inside my cabinet instead? Thanks!

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