Should I replace my new countertop?

8 years ago

I cross posted this in remodeling, but I'm thinking this should go here?

I'm fixing up my house to see if I can sell it for a good price in the spring. If I can't get what I want for it, I'll stay in it. So when fixing it up, I'm trying to do things for buyer appeal but also what I want, should I stay.
I got a new kitchen countertop. White spring granite. I went with granite because that's what buyers in my area seem to want. I went with White Spring because the different colors mesh with my house pretty well, it's pretty, and the color is generally light overall. I have white appliances. I have a white enamel drop-in sink, which I love.

Now that the counter is installed (the fabricator did a great job), I see that it is lovely. But the overall effect is not what I thought it would be. It's more of a creamy effect and looks awful with my white appliances. My walls are white, my general decorating scheme is cottage-y. My den, which is a combo with the kitchen, has camel and dark browns & muted colors (with red accents), which blend with the countertop (which is one reason I got it). I had considered black quartz or a white quartz, but went with the granite. Now I think it was a mistake. To make the kitchen look coordinated, I'll have to plunk down $$ to get new stainless appliances, and the backsplash (which will be beadboard) can't be the stark white I wanted but will have to be antiqued or soft white, which will look odd with my stark white sink.

The pattern on the counter also bothers me (I've had solid white formica for 20 years). All the patterns on it just bother me. I got a leathered finish, so that looks nice and makes it go better with my 50+ year old house, though.

I now think I should've gone with the black quartz. A simple solid color. I'm even considering getting the quartz and throwing out this granite countertop. Maybe I could get someplace to pay me something for it.

I'm pretty upset about it. I just imagined it all wrong. I thought it would be a lighter effect that would go with true colors better, but it's more muted.

Maybe once I get the beadboard backsplash up and do it true white, it'll help blend with the white appliances? Should I get new stainless appliances?

Does anyone have any suggestions? It's not like I'm this way with everything. My new door, new door handles, new hardware, other things I love. It's just this one thing.

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