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I am Married but in love with a married man

9 years ago

I need advice. My husband and i have just recently married after knowing each other for less than 2 years. While dating him i got pregnant hence the reason for marriage. We broke up numerous times before we got married and he was always very insecure. We fought alot but I always stayed because of my children. About 2 months before our marriage I fell in love with a guy from our church. He is alot like me in personality and gentle and we share the same interests. We tell each other that we love each other with all our hearts everyday. I have told him many times that i couldnt do this anymore with him and he has always told me that he respects my wishes. But I feel like i cant go on the day without hearing from him and i always call him back and i tell him that i would never stop loving him. He never hesitates to take the time to listen to me and is always there when i need a friend to talk to. He confides in me about his wife and says he feels lonely because she ignores him all the time. I need advice, I know that my marriage is not perfect but my husband takes care of his kids. Is security enough to stay in a marriage? I feel like i should be loved back but not like this in this particular way. I always tell him that if we were not already married this would of been easier on the both of us and that i will love him without hesitation and he says the same to me. i know he loves me but is it true love or infatuation?

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