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I've been living with a married man for 8 years!!!!

13 years ago

I hate doing this but I am totally lost and I need some support. I hope I have come to the right place!!

I am normally a very reserved person with only a few close friends but I don't feel comfortable sulking on them as they will probably say "I told you so!" I had an affair with one of my best friends over 8 years ago - he was (and still is married!). I have been living with him for the past 8 years and recently I have found him to be verbally abusive and distant. He pretends to be "sweet" only when he wants me to help him financially. He used to be very loving & affectionate in the early days but nowadays he just treats me like dirt - woman on top sex, make dinner for me and you know the rest! The only time he shows some respect is when he asks me for a loan. I have always found a way to give him some money as I earn 4 times what he does (obviously I pay all the bills). He's not divorced yet, I have asked him several times what he intends to get a divorce it but he just shuns away and tells me he will let me know when it does get around to it and that he's afraid estranged wife will not allow him to visit his kids !!! Full stop, end of discussion.

I want out of the relationship but I have given him 8 years of my life (I'm 44 now) and although the relationshiop has been bitter-sweet I can't deny I still love him. It hurts real bad to even think of a separation from him.

I spend my days sulking although he comes home after work everyday and we go through the usual routine, but he rarely shows any love or affection anymore!

Can anyone please guide me in the right direction???

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