Would like some feedback on my master bedroom (pics)

Valerie Noronha
13 years ago

I would like some feedback on my master bedroom. We had remodeled our house last year and all the furniture, window treatments and bedding are about 6 months old. I am not completely happy with all my choices, at the same time I do not want to do anything too drastic at this point; but am hoping for some suggestions to pull it all together. Specific areas of concern are the window treatments, bedskirt, and the TV setup.

Window Treatments:


My window treatments cover an 8' sliding door and I purchased new ones from JC Penny about 6 months ago. We needed to do a layered treatment to allow for daytime light yet keep privacy since the neighbor's window looks into ours. I went with the stock sizes and DH installed. Since we do not often use the slider I wanted to do a center opening extending the drapery return beyond the slilder, instead of the more common traverse. DH had some problems hanging the double traverse rod and it still does not function properly. In addition I did not sufficiently account for a 6" return on the outer drapes since it is a double rod. I would like to make this work though--at least until I get tired of the color scheme. My thought now is to remove the outer rod and keep the inner one with just the sheers. Then put in a decorative rod over the traverse rod and hang the pinch pleats on rings (but not use the clips). This could be another traverse rod or just a regular rod. Below I've linked one from JCPenny that I think could work--though they only seem to come in the antique gold. My sheers are in gold so that could work, though door harware is in nickel, I'm also like bronze and wood hardware. Any ideas?

Bedskirt: Not sure if I should use the one that came with the comforter or not.




We really did not plan this at all well. DH just bought use a new large screen for the family room and so the smaller flat panel is now in our bedroom. In hindsight I wish we'd put in an armoire to hide it and have been considering swapping the dresser out for one, but I don't think I have the space since the armoire is 4" deeper than the dresser and there is only 31" from footboard to dresser as is. I had thought about possibly rearranging the room, but we put in recessed reading lights over the bed with individual switches so that doesn't make sense either. I had temporarily bought the little side table at Target (which I can return) to keep the components, but it doesn't really work. I'm going to ask DH to move out the VHS player to the family room and so we will only have the set top box to house. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I'd even consider retrofitting the center top dresser drawer to put the set top box--though it would probably overheat so we'd probably have to cut out or scoup the drawer bakc and cut some slits in the dresser back. Has anyone done anything like that? Perhaps I should ask DH it we could mount the TV like a picture over the dresser--though DH has this thing for having the best viewing height and doesn't like it too high from the bed, though if other's here think it would work, I may be able to get him to agree (assuming we can pull the wires).

Here is a link that might be useful: Decorative Traverse rods

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