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16 years ago

I got a salad spinner! I remember a few months ago someone posted a 10 most wanted kitchen items list and many of the respondents including myself, said a salad spinner. Well, I really don't eat salad very often so I couldn't justify 25 dollars for something that would almost never get used. I broke my sewing machine today (story to follow for anyone interested!) and went out to find a replacement. While I was out and about I went to a thrift shop. There was a brand new looking OXO salad spinner for $3.99 just calling my name. I marched straight up to the counter (after pushing the plunger to test it of course) and forgot to even check for vacuums! Maybe it will inspire me to eat more green foods! Well, that was the justification under which I bought it. I really just wanted a new toy to play with! I just don't know where I'm going to put the silly thing, I barely have room for the pots, pans, and electrics that I already have.

So, to anyone who has the OXO, do you like it? Which parts if any are dishwasher safe? I want to get it sanitized as soon as possible, but since it didn't come with a manual, I'm scared to just throw it in the dishwasher. I don't want to melt it!

What circumstances led up to this wonderful event you ask? Well, if you have a few seconds and want a chuckle keep reading! :o) Yesterday, I needed to use the table that I keep my sewing machine on for something else. I took the machine off and placed it on the ironing board that I never put away. Today I was trying to get my Gazelle glider (here's a sign, exercise is BAD!) out of the closet. I started to carry it and became entangled in the sewing machine cord. I started to fall and let go of the Gazelle. It knocked the ironing board over. The sewing machine did three flips and landed head first 4 feet away by the window. At the same time, the Rowenta (which I had just filled with water to iron some work pants) became airborne and headed straight for the cat spilling water all the while. Jasper ran fast and hid from clumsy dad, probably laughing the whole time. The Rowenta survived unscathed. The poor sewing machine didn't stand a chance. Some how the power cord snapped in two during the process. The carrying handle got pressed into the body of the machine and the metal thread spindle snapped in two. There's a crack all down the motor housing, and I have already thrown it away. Guess ya just had to be there :o)

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