Thinking about a Cleaning Service

9 years ago

After my kidney transplant and five days in the hospital, my daughters are urging me to hire a cleaning service. They "took over" keeping house, taking care of our pets (cat and dog) plus my disabled husband while I was hospitalized. I interviewed one service so far. The woman who visited offered me several options- one time cleaning for $230, once a month for $100 or every other week for $85. The last two options, I would have to sign a contract for a year and provide a credit card number, tho I can pay by check or cash each visit. My husband doesn't like the idea of a "stranger" in the house, poking thru our things. I would not want our bedrooms cleaned or entered, just the main living (shared) areas,2 bathrooms, kitchen, living and dining rooms. The saleswoman said their workers are trained to thoroughly clean top to bottom, use their own supplies and change the vacuum bag between homes, use new cleaning rags for each home. It sounds good to me. Anyone here have a cleaning service? Of, they won't routinely do laundry or clean the oven or fridge, but will do things like that for an extra fee. What would you do? Bottom line, it will cost me approximately $200 a month for every other week. If I cancel early (before the 12 months is up) I'll have to pay a fine, based on how many times they've already cleaned. Wgat would you do?

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