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Would lowering an LCD bulb in a recessed can give a better spread

8 years ago

My electrician asked me if I wanted 8 or 12 recessed lights in my home office. I chose the bulb based on the bulb I now have used to replace my halogens in my kitchen. I love the Cree Bulb from Home Depot that gives out 1500 Lumens to replace a 90 Watt Bulb and it has a 47 degree spread at 3,000K which seems to be a warmer white light than the TCP bulb that I planned to use that had only 1250 lumens with a 40 degree spread.

The electrician placed the bulbs in my room 3 feet from the wall to give me light on my desk and used 8. Now my walls are all dark and I feel like I am sitting in a room at night with only light on my desk and floors but dark walls.

The same light at 2 feet in the kitchen lights up my cabinets and has me not hating them that much anymore. I love the way the light looks. He raised the bulbs in the kitchen for me and that was fine as it looks so nice with space no longer showing. The Cree bulbs have slightly longer necks than the TCP bulbs despite both being PAR38 bulbs and are wider at the top. I love the bulbs.

If I have the electrician come back to lower the bulbs in the cans would that give me a better spread of light?

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