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Shoot! I meant does anyone have Liberty towel bars?

16 years ago

Sorry! It's little ol' indecisive me again. I just posted this but with the wrong subject line. So let me ask again.

We've been in the house for months (months!) without towel bars, TP holders, etc. The builder is going to put them up. All I have to do is pick them out. Sheesh!

I haven't been to the specialty bath stores. Instead I went to Home Depot (which my designer said was fine) and picked out something very basic that, stylistically, seems to go with the fixtures. They're by Liberty Hardware, the Milburn line which might be a HD exclusive. (Similar to Liberty's Notra.)

These weren't the cheapest towel bars--probably $30 for a towel bar, but I know that there are much more expensive bars out there ($80 or $100). I just didn't know if they were worth it.

When I took them out of their packaging, I was struck with how flimsy the bars felt. Are they feeling flimsy because they aren't installed yet? Will they feel more substantial once they're anchored to the wall? Also, the installation screws are not concealed, which bugs me, but I don't know if they're ever concealed in that price range.

I'm hoping someone has used these bars and can give me some advice.

Thanks so much!

Here is a link that might be useful: Liberty Notra

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