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Do grab bars have to look ugly?

13 years ago

I have asked my contractor to add the bracing (or whatever it's called) into the walls if grab bars need to be added in the future. He suggested taking pictures along with measurements so they can be located in the future.

Now I am thinking that I may as well (oh how many times I've said that during this remodel!!)add one now. I am getting a shower/tub combo and thinking that perhaps I should install one to the right as you enter the tub. That would be the same end as the fixtures.

Does anyone have grab bars that don't make your bathroom look like the bath at a retirement home? The few I have seen in people's homes are the big round ones that just shout "old person lives here." In my case, it will be just a few years until that is true.

I saw a couple grab bars on the Kohler site that look nice. Does anyone have a grab bar that doesn't look like a grab bar? Would you post a picture?

I'm also considering asking him to make the pole from the hand held showerhead extra sturdy behind the wall so I can use it. I don't really need to grab and pull on it, I just use it for balance. Any thoughts? The shower head already has been ordered so I can't switch now to one intended for that use. I'm getting a Grohe Relexa Rustic 5.


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