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Do you have one "style" throughout your house . . .

11 years ago

Or do you change room to room? I was thinking about this earlier. I was recently in a home where many of the rooms were in different styles. Reading the french country threads today made me think of this home. In the house I was in, the kitchen was the only room decorated in french country. The dining room was different although I couldn't really make out the look she was going for and her living room was very traditional, with a bit of victorian and a little rustic thrown in. Not to criticize the home, because if it works for those who live there - that's all that matters. But I like flow to my home. Our home is decorated all the same style and I've worked to get it that way. I also like the colors to flow from room to room.

I'm not saying that the house I visited was not pretty - it was, but I found the differences between the rooms a bit distracting.


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