Hanging Globe Lights in the porch

13 years ago

Hello there,

I love the look of the globe light in the front porch of the Eichler homes and would like to incorporate that in my new home that I'm building. Our new home has the front porch that is 4' deep x 12' wide. Over the years, I have collected around 10 vintage hanging globe lamps and would love to use 2 on the porch, close to the door. Please see the links for references. My question is, how can I tell if the globe lamps I have can be used outdoor? They are vintage. I've also been trying to look for hanging globe lamps that are UL listed for outdoor but I haven't come accross any. Since the lamp will be mostly covered by the porch, does it need to be outdoor listed? Would I be in trouble if I just use the regular hanging globe lamp for indoor? Thanks!