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Screw+Washer in tight space, tool?

8 years ago

I am replacing a wall mount bathroom light fixture and trying to take the old one out. The metal mounting part of the old is mounted only with 2 big long screws at both right and left sides. There is a fist size wall hole a couple of inches next to the left screw. I assume that this wall hole was the only way for the installer to put his hand behind the wall to hold the washer when tightening the screw.

Odd thing is that this installer was either a dwarf or a child, for I am having trouble even to insert my hand into the wall hole. It goes without saying to maneuver my hand to hold the washer behind the wall. It's even odder that there is no wall hole for the screw on the right side. How did the installer even put the washer behind the wall. Of course, there is a wall hole in the middle where the wires go through, yet it's impossible to insert my hand through the middle wall hole and turn at the angle to reach the washer for the screw on the right side. See picture, please!

Originally, I was not able to take the screws out to demount the metal part of the old light fixture, due to not being able to reach to the washers. Nonetheless, I kept turning the screws while pulling them against the wall to create some leverage. Finally the washers got loose and drop down. I am just very curious about how the installer did it now.

Please help. Thanks

BTW, one black plastic tool came along with the new light fixture hardware. It's about 4 inch long. What is this for?

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