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How many shelves in pantry and the height

11 years ago

We just got a new house, and I am redoing a hall closet (under stairs) into a pantry. The height is 75 inches to where the ceiling slopes...

I have taken the height minus the size of the shelf board and have 70 inches left:

I am thinking of leaving about 18 inches from the floor to the first shelf. Which leaves me with 52 inches.

I could have two 12 inch shelves (which would be the minimum number of shelves I would want at that size) and thenThree 9 inch shelves. for a total of 5 spaces not including the floor space or the tippy top.

Other option would be just to go with the 18 inches at the bottom and roughly four 13.XX shelves.
Since it is a hall closet it will be about 22 inches deep.

Needless to say If I have extra pantry space (which, God willing, I probably will) I would use the space for pots/pans/ and cookbooks.

What would you do? 4 tall shelves, or 5 shelves

Oh, and where would you place your size shelves top to bottom. IE highest shelf 12 inches then 9, 9,9, 12, 18 is the bottom

*2 large progresso stacked cans measure just under 9"
(I would have room to unstack them to get at it)
**3 Cans if the large progresso cans stacked is 13 1/2.
* a bag of flour is just under 9 inches.
*those "tones" super large spice containers measure 8 inches
*Kens salad dressing measure 8 inches

Thank you in advance! You all (and all the other posts) were a huge help to me when we were building our other house.

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