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Input on closet 'pantry' shelving addition

11 years ago

I have a closet that measure 37" deep, 32" wide and 80" tall right off the kitchen that I'd like to make into a pantry by adding shelving to increase storage. Currently there is one shelf ~12" deep secured to the back of the closet at 67" above the floor.

I'd like to maximize my storage but the shape given its relative depth and narrowness makes me unsure how to proceed. I was thinking of adding 20-22" deep shelving and then on one side add 8" shelving for an L-shaped shelving design. Though 20-22" shelves are pretty deep, it seems like the best way to maximize storage space. Alternatively I could do 18" deep shelving with 10" shelving on one side and still be able to get into the closet.

I was also thinking of placing 5 shelves with 18, 14, 10, 10 and 12" in between the shelving. I plan on storing mostly cookware, recycling, small microwave, small appliances, e.g. mixer, and hopefully much more!

This is my first DIY project in our newly bought 1939 house and any suggestions on how I might improve my plans to maximize storage would be so appreciated!

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