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Arranging shelves in pantry? Advice appreciated!

13 years ago

I'm going to have a pantry closet in my new kitchen. It's time to decide where to put the shelves. Most of the shelves will be "L" or "U" (spanning the back and one or both sides of the closet) shaped and my assignment is to determine what I want for spacing. I've been busy measuring the heights of cereal boxes, jars of spaghetti sauce, etc. to little avail. Obviously I want to fit in as many shelves as possible but still allow for taller items on some shelves. I plan to use IKEA glass storage jars for dry products. Anybody end up with the perfect configuration of shelves in their pantry? The closet measurements are 4' wide X 2.33' deep by 8' tall and the shelves will be 10" deep(I'm allowing stand up room for a broom, dust mop, etc.). Is there a "perfect" distance between shelves? I want it to be eye appealing as well as practical. I would be grateful to all of you who will share their mistakes/advice/thoughts on how they arranged their own kitchen pantry closet shelves. I'd love to see anyone's pictures! I have nothing in my pantry to show yet.

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