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Alternatives/need to use recessed lights in kitchen??

11 years ago


My eyes are bulging from all the reading I've done over the last couple of days about kitchen lighting!! I'm sooooo ready for some HELP!!

It all started with the lighting plan we received from our architect as part of our kitchen remodel. We have two rooms that will blend into each other (just separated by ceiling header) 11'L x 9'W and 10'L x 9'W, both with 9'6" ceiling height. Both areas have cabinets on both sides.

The plans call for (8) 4" recessed lights in each area, two rows of (4) lights evenly spaced, about 30" apart = 16 lights total in the two areas. It looks like A LOT of recessed lights to me!!!

My first thought was to simply reduce the number of lights to two rows of three so six lights instead of eight in each area..... perhaps changing to 5" cans instead of 4" just in case!

However, now I'm questioning the use of can lights in general!! They seem to be in almost all new kitchens I've seen to one degree or another so I hadn't even questioned their use. The uncluttered, clean look that is lauded sounded like the right move. I'm now thinking I don't really like the look of all those holes, even when you use white trim that helps them blend in, and I'm sick and tired of seeing them. I don't want our kitchen to look like every other kitchen remodeled within a certain time frame.

Having said that, I want our kitchen to be functional and not go to the opposite extreme of design over function. Bottomline about using a nice, unique overhead fixture in the middle of the primary area (one with sink)for the overall lighting? If we install undercounter lighting, would that be enough for the general lighting? Or should we still consider a few cans unless they'll just appear to be 'thrown in?' I'm not sure a fixture in both areas would look right, so we might need to succumb to recessed in the other area. Or, if we stick to the cans, should we cut down on the number of them as 16 in that amount of space seems like overkill?!

I know a lot of this is personal preference but any feedback, ideas, photos! would be great.

Thanks SO MUCH in advance for any assistance!!!

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