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Best Low Voltage recessed/ line voltage MR16

16 years ago

Hello again.

I have 2 issues to resolve...


I've been doing my research and I'm sooo surprised at the wide price difference in L.V. 4" recessed cans, just at different vendors online. I've looked at 3 brands Juno, Halo and Nora.

I can get the Juno IC44N airtight housings for $52-$99

I can get the Nora NLIC-401Q/SAT airtight housings for $33-$79

can anyone tell me about the Nora cans? I'm sure I had these in my last house and had no problems. They are a great deal less than Juno, especially when I need 30 of them!! Can someone report to me why I shouldn't go with them. If it is all the same I'd like to save some $$, but if it is a real quality issue I will stick with Juno.

2) Additionally I'd like an answer to this question. Do the line voltage trims with a MR16 GU10 bulb look identicle to the Low Voltage trims with the MR16 bulb (I will use a baffle trim)

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