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10 years ago

We have a very old X10 lighting system in the house using plug in modules and a few wall switches. I use X10 timers to automatically turn on a few lights.

I saw the Lutron system and it looked great and was basically an x10 on steroids and budget also.

So I gave up the idea but am now re-thinking it when I looked at the LeGrand plug mold strips and saw they have a system that looks more reasonable.

The reason for considering a system - less light switches on the backsplash.

I could have 5 different lighting scenarios built into the system (not sure if this one can handle LED lighting but I think the ZWave can)

Thoughts on the home lighting systems?

I would have LED LV lights, incandescents, and Halogen on the system.

We are underway, so need to move quickly - the cans have been installed - I thought I knew where to put them all but had to modify with the underlying structures (aka beams)

These 2 lights straddle the cooktop. I have 7 cans total - 6 over counter and one by the entrance to the walk in pantry. 6 are on one switch and the 7th is on its own over the sink. These will be LED

In addition, I will have LED light bars (down to 2 brands) undercounter, a pair of LED or xenon pucks in one glass cabinet, 2 decorative center lights.

In the sunroom, I will have a 3 light chandelier (thanks for talking me into the smaller version), and LED tape lights an a shelf and above 2 cavenets, (spelled wrong on purpose - his and her caves! aka storage cabinets)


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